Sushi Plastic Model: Kappa Maki (Cucumber Sushi Roll)(re-run)


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The most difficult model in the history of the Sushi Plastic Model series! The first thin roll in the series, and since it must be put together in a straight and cylindrical shape, it takes the title as the most difficult model in the history of the Sushi Plastic Model series! Be sure to give it your best shot! The cucumbers consist of both a skin part and flesh part. The characteristic prickly texture of cucumber skin has been faithfully captured in plastic model form. (You won’t be able to see it after assembling, but still…) Parts to create two pieces of sushi are included, so the kit comes with 546 rice grain parts (three runners).

· 1/1 scale plastic model kit. · Assembly is required. Plastic model adhesive and nippers (sold separately) are required for assembly. · 546 rice grain parts included. (273 rice grain parts recommended to make one roll.) · Parts to create two rolls are included. · Seaweed sheets by food replica company IWASAKI Co., Ltd. are included. · Materials: PS, Seaweed sheet: Vinyl chloride *The parts included with this product are identical to Sushi Plastic Model: Ver. Kappa Maki (Cucumber Sushi Roll) The package design has been changed.

Ready-to-assemble plastic model kit. 1/1 scale. Approx. 33mm in height.


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