Laid-Back Camp 1/7 Rin Shima Lake Shibire Camping ver.


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From the TV anime “Laid-Back Camp”, this 1/7 scale figure of “Rin Shima” in her camping outfit from Lake Shibire!

This figure replicates the impressive scene from episode 7 where the normally cool Rin Shima smiles and waves her hand to Nadeshiko, who is riding a boat. This figure has been meticulously crafted with particular attention to texture of the hat, scarf, and poncho in her outfit. Please consider getting the charming Rin Shima to your collection and enjoy having it!

Product Size: Approx. 220 mm in height
Material: ABS & PVC Pre-painted Complete Product, 1/7 Scale
Accessories: Dedicated pedestal


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