Sushi Plastic Model: Ikura (Salmon Roe)


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Rice grains and salmon eggs galore!

Mold manufacturer Syuto Seiko presents its popular series of sushi plastic models, this time featuring ikura (salmon roe)! The kit includes 364 rice grain parts and 64 salmon egg parts true to the size of their real counterparts. The salmon eggs are filled with air bubbles to accurately capture the look of the real thing in plastic model form. Let hunger be your guide—be sure to grab this plastic model for your collection!

· 1/1 scale plastic model kit. · Assembly is required. Plastic model adhesive and nippers (sold separately) are required for assembly. · 364 rice grain parts included. · 64 salmon roe parts included. (Large: 12, Medium: 24, Small: 28) · Parts to make one piece of sushi are included. · Seaweed sheets by food replica company IWASAKI Co., Ltd. are included.

· Materials: PS, Seaweed sheet: Vinyl chloride

*The parts included with this product are identical to Sushi Plastic Model: Ver. Ikura (Salmon Roe) The package design has been changed.

Ready-to-assemble plastic model kit. 1/1 scale. Approx. 35mm in height.


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